About Us


Mission Statement

Gift of Hope is an ethical fashion initiative protecting people and our earth.  We are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious organization breaking the cycle of poverty through job creation and orphan prevention. 

Protecting People

Founded in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Gift of Hope is changing lives through stable income, discipleship, education, and the investment of relationships.  Together with our founding nonprofit organization, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, we employ over 60 Haitians and pay a living wage that is at least three times the minimum wage.  Our goal to raise families out of poverty is a holistic effort to educate and empower the entire family system.  We work to provide love, stability, and dignity for our employees because people matter most.  

Protecting Earth

Gift of Hope has partnered to reduce waste with companies that make or use high-end fabrics.  Remnants and fabrics that would have otherwise been burned in landfills are now being repurposed into handbags, accessory bags, backpacks, pillows, home decor, and more.  Many pieces in our jewelry lines also include recycled or repurposed pieces, like our bottle cap earrings, paper beads, or majok seed jewelry.  Even our children's collection has repurposed elements like the recycled cereal bags found in the crinkle ears of the elephant and teething ring.  We have been given one earth to live on.  Protecting creation now, and for future generations is important to us.    
    Subassembly Plus Inc.

Purchase with Purpose

The products you wear and purchase are an extension of you.  They reflect your values.  When shopping Gift of Hope, your purchases are powerful and empowering.  Powerful enough to give a child orphaned by poverty back to their family. Empowering enough to allow mothers to care for their own children, and rise above poverty.  
There is a direct correlation between the number of sales and the number of children who are spared living life as a poverty orphan.  You can unite with us to preserve families by shopping and wearing powerful things!


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*To learn more about our nonprofit organization, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, visit www.haitipoverty.org.