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Jamecia Hoop Earrings
Jamecia Hoop Earrings
Jamecia Hoop Earrings

Jamecia Hoop Earrings

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Our Jamecia hoop earrings are bold and casual.  Featuring ethically gathered cow horn, polished and handcrafted by local skilled artisans, these earrings possess stunning, natural beauty.  Just like the women and children we are empowering, no two polished pieces are alike. A variety of tones were chosen for these earrings. The natural variations will range from caramel and ebony to midnight.  

Jamecia earrings are named after a rescue baby who was brought to our partner program, Hope House, for refuge from a violent gang ridden neighborhood.  Her father narrowly escaped with her one night during a shoot out, when other children were not so lucky.  At daylight, he was too scared to return home with her and sought help for her safety while he could secure a better living situation for his family.  Jamecia is beautiful, calm, and bold, just like these earrings. When you put on your Jamecia hoop earrings, you can know that your purchase helped protect a precious baby and her vulnerable family.  

  • Ethically gathered cow or goat horn 
  • 14k gold filled minimalist bar 
  • 14k gold filled earring hook 
  • Lightweight and super versatile 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gathered and polished horn pieces made by Haitian artisan Andre and his team
  • Assembled by GOH jewelry artisans 
  • Ethically made 
  • Handmade in Haiti 

* Note each pair of these handmade earrings may have slight variances based on the uniqueness of each gathered horn piece. Beautiful work is done in time and in small batches, please take joy in the unique look of every pair of Jamecia hoop earrings.