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Pineapple Tassel Keychain
Pineapple Tassel Keychain

Pineapple Tassel Keychain

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Be A Pineapple.  Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. 

Pineapples are plentiful, sweet, and oh so juicy on our Caribbean Island!  The pineapple has long stood as a symbol of hospitality, another thing the beautiful nation of Haiti excels at.  If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting, you likely know what we mean.

Our pineapple keychains were created with a fun, tropical flare.  Each keychain features a yellow and green tri-layered tassel, authentic hand-carved coconut shell pieces cut into pineapple shapes, and are individually accented with a single locally sourced majok seed.

Many hands and many elements went into each carefully crafted pineapple keychain. You can appreciate them all as you add this little tropical bling to your purse or set of keys.    

  • Handmade coconut shell pineapple
  • Handmade multi-layered tassel
  • A single majok seed (Job’s tear bead)
  • Attached to a claw hook and a key ring