Meet our Artisans

Gift of Hope was created to provide dignified jobs for moms in poverty, reducing the number of children growing up abandoned in orphanages

Our artisans are strong, brave, and incredibly talented.  We admire their power to push through adversity and learn to dream for their families.  Each employee brings unique gifts and personality to the mission, which has created a beautiful family and support system for everyone.  We love investing not only in our artisans, but also into their children and families through educational sponsorship's, medical care, adult education opportunities, and celebrating accomplishments big and small. 

Our Gift of Hope artisans and our artisan partnerships are proof of the incredible skill and talent the people of Haiti possess. For many, the root of their poverty is not their capability, but a lack of opportunity.  Dignified employment, like Gift of Hope offers, results in children orphaned by poverty returning home, families preserved, and cycles of poverty broken. 

We have two in-house teams at Gift of Hope that make products by either sewing or making jewelry. Each artisan brings passion to their work hoping that the products they make someone will love, enjoy, and want to buy. Our sewing and jewelry teams are one family and we'd love to introduce them to you. Below you can view the artisans of each team and learn more about our partnered artisans. 





We partner with artisans and their teams throughout Haiti to support Haitian entrepreneurs and to share their beautiful work.