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The facts are disturbing and somewhat unbelievable when we are talking about how much textile fabric used for furniture or home goods are thrown away or burned from unwanted use and mass production. Second, to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world and responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency released that over 16 million tons of textile fabric is thrown away each year and that number is still growing! 

We have been given one earth to live on. Protecting creation now, and for future generations is important to us so it's time to take action. Read more to learn how Gift of Hope and its partners are taking action towards protecting creation.

Gift of Hope has partnered to reduce waste with companies that make or use high-quality textiles. We are committed to repurposing and reusing fabric to help offset pollution to earth's land and waterways. Remnant upholstery fabric that would have otherwise been burned or thrown in landfills are now being repurposed into handbags, accessory bags, apparel, backpacks, pillows, home décor, and more. Our first and largest corporate partnership is with Herman Miller. Gift of Hope is here today and growing because their donations and support have increased the quality of our products and offers additional sales and marketing channels to continue the good fight of family preservation and orphan prevention. 

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty - Gift of Hope Program

"What began as one employee’s mission trip to Haiti in March 2014 turned into a life-changing partnership between Herman Miller and HFAP. While in Haiti, the employee was introduced to Gift of Hope, a program that teaches local women valuable skills like sewing and enables them to earn money to support their children by selling the products they make. Recognizing that Herman Miller’s excess scrap fabric could provide a sustainable stream of materials to support the program, she connected the two organizations and secured an additional donation through Herman Miller Cares. To date, we’ve donated more than 80,000 yards of scrap fabric, which the women use to sew purses, pillows, and dolls. The money these women earn has enabled them to afford rent, food, and school enrollment for their children."

Many pieces in our jewelry lines also include recycled, repurposed, or local Haitian elements, like our bottle cap earrings, recycled rolled paper beads, ethically gathered cow or goat horn and bone, or majok seed jewelry.  Even our children's collection has repurposed elements like recycled cereal bags found in the crinkle ears of our stuffed elephant and teething ring.


Other partners: 

 Subassembly, Inc.